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Dan Ness
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Name - Dan Ness AKA “Cap’n Dan”

Talents - Vocals, keyboards, Sound technician. I am the roadie, resident boat
captain and second Parrothead (See Scott's Bio) of the V6 Band.

Instrument(s) - Plays a Yamaha keyboard focusing on various instrument voices and
chord background that fills out our repertoire.

Age Category - I’m in the Forty Something category.

Band and Music Preferences - Along with Scoot, I am a major  Parrothead and I too
have seen Jimmy play every year now for over 15  years.  I also like classic rock,
oldies and have even been getting into  some Country and Southern Rock.

Musical Background - Had a minor in music back in college. Have  recently taken
up the keyboard and enjoy adding instrument sounds and melody fills to our songs.   

Other Interests -  Parrothead madness, boating, golf and cards.

V6 Experience - I have been with the V6  Band since the early days,  beginning life
as a Roadie. I have a keen ear for the cover songs we play  and help get us sounding
like we ought to. For me, it’s all about having fun. I’m just happy to be here.