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Scott Martin
The         Band  
Name - Scott Martin, aka “Scoot” or sometimes “Scooter”

Talents - Band Leader, Rhythm Guitar & vocals

Instrument(s) - Acoustic electric Martin, a 12 string Yamaha, and a Gibson ES333 for the blues
and rock songs, also a  Marshall acoustic amp and a Peavey tube amp for the hollow-body

Age Category - I’m still in my early to mid fifties, I think.

Band and Music Preferences - Scott prefers playing and listening to new and old acoustic based music.
Lately,  the Eagles, Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac, John Fogerty and John Mellencamp.

Musical Background - Have been playing the “guitfiddle” since 19 ought 69 in his hippy days in
New Orleans and now in Maryland. He still find himself playing all the oldies and classic rock
tunes from the sixties and seventies.

Other Interests - Parrothead madness (I know, I mentioned that already), golf, boating, and playing
cards with Cap’n Dan.

V6 Experience - Scott helped form the V6 Band along with Old School Dave. I enjoy the friendships we
have developed and the experiences of playing for audiences too. I just like being here and playing all
the tunes.